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If you’re unemployed, there are options. Read on for loans available.

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I am presently unemployed. Can I still get a payday loan?

Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure that you have a regular source of income (excluding Centrelink benefits) to get accepted for a payday loan. Since you are presently unemployed, you can list a passive source of income, for example, stock investments, rentals from properties you own or even income from self-employment.

The key to getting accepted for a payday loan in spite of being unemployed is to have a good credit history, as most payday lenders will invariably assess it if the applicant is unemployed.

Are unemployed people just as likely to get a payday loan as employed people?

No. The fact of the matter is, payday lenders prefer employed applicants as it lowers their risk of losing money. So, being presently unemployed certainly reduces your chances of getting a payday loan.

This is, in no way, to say that you cannot get a payday loan when you are unemployed. Many payday lenders regularly approve payday loan applications from unemployed applicants.

I am presently unemployed but I receive Centrelink benefits. Is it possible for me to get a payday loan?

It is indeed possible, but not very likely for you to get a payday loan while you are unemployed and on Centrelink benefits. You will be required to show for any other source of regular income to get your payday loan application accepted.

Is it possible for me to apply for a payday loan with another person (friend or family member)?

If you are unemployed, applying with another person who has a regular source of income can be a good way of getting a payday loan. In such instances, the payday loan will be recorded only against prime applicant’s (your) name while the secondary applicant (your friend or family member) will only be a guarantor.

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