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WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate with the lender that finances your loan. The information on this web page is general information. The information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Credit criteria, fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Products and rates displayed are subject to the individual borrower's credit assessment. Examples only provide an estimate and are used for illustrative purposes only, not an offer for credit. The amount you can borrow, the interest rate and fees you receive along the product you qualify for may vary.
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Personal Loans Sydney

When you’re scrounging under the sofa cushions and double-checking for change in all your pockets, it might be time to investigate available personal loans Sydney to get you to your next payday. With small loans Sydney, financial struggles don’t have to ruin your whole week – or even your day! Whether you are struggling to pay your bills, need to repair your car, or would like some cash for an upcoming holiday, getting quick cash loans Sydney will ensure your financial woes are a thing of the past.

Applying for small loans Sydney from a local bank may prove difficult, especially if you don’t have the best credit score. Just thinking about the lengthy application process, paperwork, and the time-consuming back and forth with the bank is enough to inspire a headache, which is why so many people turn to the convenience of instant same-day cash loans in Sydney.

With Viva Payday Loans, you can apply for loans in Sydney and get the cash on the very same day, from some of the most trusted lenders in Australia. When you apply for payday loans in Sydney through the portal, we will put you in touch with Australian lenders who are most likely to approve Sydney cash loans.

To add to the convenience, the various lenders we work with have a range of loans to offer, including Centrelink Sydney cash loans, bad credit loans Sydney, or unemployed loans in Sydney. If you’re ready to learn everything you need to know about loans in Sydney and how to go about getting one, read on.

Payday Loans in Sydney – How Do Payday Loans in Sydney Work?

Before applying for payday loans Sydney, it’s important to understand how they work. Getting instant payday loans in Sydney through the Viva Payday Loans portal is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is complete a simple online application form, which takes just a few minutes. Choose the loan amount and the required repayment period.

After submitting your application, you will get a response within a few moments and then be directed to a dedicated lender. Once you’re happy with the contract and sign the agreement, the cash will be transferred to your bank. The next step is to ensure that you make the monthly payments in full and on time.

Most of the lenders at offer loans ranging from $100 to $5,000. The repayment period can range from 3-12 months. What’s more, personal loans Sydney under $2,000 have no interest attached. However, they have a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly service charge that you need to be aware of.

In an emergency, you can always count on Viva Payday Loans to help you out. We can connect you with loans to suit all needs, including Centrelink Sydney cash loans, bad credit loans Sydney, and unemployed loans in Sydney. It doesn’t matter if you are traditionally employed, self-employed, unemployed, or on Centrelink benefits – all are welcome to apply at Viva Payday Loans.

Types of Personal Loans Sydney

Depending on your situation and needs, you can select from several personal loans Sydney via the portal:

  • Same day cash loans Sydney
  • Small loans Sydney
  • No credit check loans
  • Centrelink Sydney cash loans
  • Unemployed loans in Sydney
  • Bad credit payday loans Sydney
  • Urgent cash loans Sydney

Features of Cash Loans Sydney

Cash loans Sydney via Viva Payday Loans share the following features:

Loan Amounts from $100 to $5,000

Regardless of whether you need a small or large amount, we can put you in touch with lenders who can help! With over 15 lenders on our panel, Viva Payday Loans connects customers with lenders according to their specific needs. These lenders will consider loan requests ranging from as low as $100 to up to $5,000. Of course, you can cut back on costs by opting for cash loans Sydney up to $2,000 as they come with no interest attached.

Reasonable Loan Terms

Unlike most payday loans that require you to repay within 60 days, at Viva Payday Loans, our lenders offer flexible repayment terms for your convenience. You can expect to repay your loan over 3 to 12 months when applying for Sydney personal loans.

No Interest on Cash Loans Sydney of Up to $2,000

One great feature of personal loans Sydney is that you are charged no interest on loans up to $2,000. And this applies to any loan type, including Centrelink Sydney cash loans, bad credit loans Sydney, or unemployed loans in Sydney. The only fees you can expect to pay are a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly service fee.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Credit Check Loans Sydney

Considering the pros and cons of no credit check loans Sydney is an important part of the process. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of no credit check loans Sydney below.

Advantages of Loans Sydney

Speedy Disbursement

You can complete the application process for a loan Sydney with Viva Payday Loans in just a few minutes. From the comfort and convenience of your home or office, you can quickly and easily fill out the simple application form and expect an outcome within minutes. Reputed for speedy disbursements on no credit check loans Sydney, our lenders ensure that your funds are accessible in your account as quickly as possible. After all, financial troubles rarely come around at convenient times – the last thing you need is to be kept waiting for the cash you need. Depending on the lender, cash loans Sydney are paid out within 60 minutes of approval (in some instances it can take a little longer in which case you can expect your payment on the next business day).

You Won’t be Punished for Having Bad Credit

For those searching for unemployed loans in Sydney, bad credit payday loans Sydney, and Centrelink Sydney cash loans, Viva Payday Loans is your best bet. Our lenders offer urgent cash loans Sydney for bad credit.  Instead of basing their decision on your credit score, lenders will determine the affordability of the loan based on your income vs. expenses.

Small Loan Amounts Available

At Viva Payday Loans we connect borrowers with providers of small loans Sydney starting from as little as $100. Of course, we also cater to those who need a little more, with some of our lenders offering as much as $5,000, depending on affordability.

Disadvantages of Sydney Personal Loans

High Interest on Loans Above $2,000

A disadvantage you can expect when applying for quick cash loans Sydney are the high-interest rates. Loans higher than $2,000 can have an interest as high as 48% APR. The upside is that loan amounts under $2,000 have no interest attached.

Eligibility Criteria for Cash Loans Sydney

Although eligibility criteria often differ from lender to lender, there are a few basic requirements when applying for loans in Sydney, including:

  • Earn at least $350 per week.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia with proof of address.
  • Have a valid ID.

You should also take your unique situation into consideration when applying for personal loans Sydney. If you are applying for bad credit loans Sydney, you need to provide evidence of affordability. Those who are applying for Bad Credit Loans Sydney will need to pass an affordability assessment (this is a process of comparing your current income with your current monthly expenses). Centrelink loans also come with stipulations. For instance, you will be asked to prove that at least 50% of your income comes from a source other than Centrelink.

Application Process for Bad Credit Loans Sydney

It’s simple and easy to apply for bad credit loans Sydney via Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click “Get Loan” and Fill in the Form

Click on the “Get Loan” button at the top right-hand side of your screen to view the application form. Fill in this form with your information to apply for bad credit loans Sydney. You can pick a loan amount from $100 to $5,000 and a 3 to 12 months repayment term. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Financial details
  • Expenditure information

Step 2: Receive an Almost-Instant Loan Decision

After submitting the form, you can expect to receive a decision within minutes. If your application for personal loans Sydney has been approved, you will be connected directly with the lender. There is no middleman, and you will discuss the loan agreement with your lender before taking the next step.

Step 3: Read the Contract, Sign it, and Wait for Your Money

Once the details of the loan are decided, the lender will forward you a loan agreement. Ensure that you read the entire contract carefully. Once you understand everything and are happy with the terms, sign it and return it to your lender. Once the contract is received and all is in order, the funds will be transferred to you within 60 minutes or at most, by the next business day.


What Requirements Do I Need To Fulfill To Be Approved For Payday Loans in Sydney?

The basic criteria required by lenders on our panel include:

  • Earn at least $350 per week.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia with proof of address.
  • Have a valid ID.

I Don’t Have Good Credit History. Can I still apply For Loans in Sydney?

Yes, at Viva Payday Loans, we welcome bad credit borrowers to apply for the cash they need.  The bad credit payday loans Sydney on offer rely on affordability rather than your credit history.

Can I Still Apply for Payday Loans in Sydney if I am on Centrelink?

Yes, you can. Quick cash loans Sydney are available to Aussies on government benefits. That said, Centrelink cannot be your only form of income. You will be only eligible for Centrelink Sydney cash loans if 50% or more of your income comes from a source other than Centrelink.

How Long Does it Take for Sydney Cash Loans Approved?

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the simple application form on the portal. You should know within a matter of minutes whether your loan has been approved or not.

How Long Does it Take for Viva Payday Loans to Pay Out a Loan?

Viva Payday Loans will typically pay the money into your bank account within 60 minutes after your loan is approved. At the latest, your funds will be available by the next business day.

What Does the Viva Payday Loans Service Cost?

Viva Payday Loans is a loan matching service that is absolutely free to the borrower. The service fees and interest fees incurred on small loans Sydney are charged by the lender and would be applicable whether you use Viva Payday Loans or not.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

When applying for Sydney personal loans via, you can apply for any amount between $100 and $5,000.

What Are the Loan Terms at Viva Payday Loans?

All loans available via Viva Payday Loans come with loan terms of 3-12 months. When setting up the loan, the lender will discuss your financial situation and affordability with you, so that an appropriate repayment schedule can be set in place.

Will My Credit Score Be Checked When Applying for a Payday Loan?

While some lenders may carry out a credit check, not all lenders require borrowers to have a good credit score. You can still get a loan if you have a poor credit score but can prove you are able to afford the monthly loan installments.

I Don’t Earn an Income – Can I Apply for an Unemployed Loan?

Unemployed loans in Sydney are designed for individuals who are not traditionally employed but still earn an income. This means that you need to prove a minimum income of at least $350 per week in order to apply for an unemployed loan. You can earn income (and show proof thereof) from rental income, royalties, allowances, dividends, a side hustle, freelancing or similar.