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Payday Loans are loans described to be repaid on your next payday. If you are paid weekly or bi-weekly, you will not qualify. Lenders do not lend money for terms under 15 days in Australia.

If you have ever been in a situation where you have bills piling up and credit running low, you would know how important it is to have access to an easier source of instant cash that will keep you afloat for a while till your payday finally arrives.

Payday loans are not novel anymore. There was a time when people would think that payday loans are just like same old personal loans and one needn’t take on interest rates that seem to be over the top. But today, the payday loan industry in Australia is not only growing, it’s thriving. Payday loans market, on an average, has processed transactions in excess of $450 million for the last five financial years.

Of course, there are a few concerns that most people who want to apply for payday loans have. There are many stories floating in the media. There is word of mouth, even rumours.

It must be made clear at this point that the idea of payday loans is not at all different than any other type of loan. The best way to find out if a payday loan can save your day is to try to understand them better.

What exactly are payday loans?

You can think of payday loans as emergency, 11th hour credits. At one point or another, all of us get to experience the pressures that our lifestyles bring with them. There are many ends to be met and not enough money to tie them all together. Payday loans can come to your rescue in such situations. Payday loans are small loans that can be approved instantly. Typically, payday loans need to be repaid within a month or so, depending upon the contract you have made with the payday lender. In the majority of cases, you can receive a decision about your payday loan application within minutes of you submitting it. Once approved, the money is directly transferred to your bank account electronically – it’s as easy as that.

You can either choose to align your payday with the repayment due date, or choose another day – as suits you – to complete the repayment.

Here’s your ultimate cheat-sheet to understanding what payday loans are:

Are payday loans instant?

No. Payday loans are quick, but they are certainly not instant.

Here’s why people take payday loans!

Let’s face it. We all have to deal with our shares of money problems every now and then. It matters the most when needs are urgent. There are times when you exhaust all the cash you have with weeks to go before your payday finally arrives and your credit isn’t in the best of health, either.

If you can relate to this situation, you can easily understand why people take payday loans. Here are some of the most common scenarios that prompt people to apply for payday loans:

Who is eligible to get a payday loan?

Here are some of the most basic requirements for you to be eligible for a payday loan in Australia:

These are the necessary conditions for one to be eligible for a payday loan. In rare cases, further inquiries into credit score can be made by a payday lender if they think it’s necessary.

Applying and getting approved for a payday loan is much easier than other loans. Here is a list of all the things you will be needing while applying for a payday loan:

Why choose payday loans

There are a few shortcomings you need to be aware of!

Payday loans are convenient and easy. However, there are certain shortcomings associated with them. You will be much safer knowing these beforehand.

Comparing payday loans with other credit options

Payday Loans Credit cards Bank Loans
Loan Amount Small ($200 to $2,000) No cap No cap
Instan availability Yes No No
Term Short Long Long
Interest Rate High (24%, variable) High (20%, variable) High (11%, variable)
Easy Access Yes No No
Application Procedure Short and Simple Lengthy and Complicated Lengthy and Complicated
Credit History Not relevant (with exceptions) Relevant Relevant
Lenders Personal Institutional Institutional
Approval Rates High Medium Low

Know How Payday Loans and Your Credit Score Relate to Each Other!

In most cases, payday lenders don’t check applicants’ credit scores. However, there are certain exceptions when a particular payday lender will decide to make a decision based on the credit score.

Here’s what you need to know regarding your credit file and payday loans:

Is it safe to take a payday loan?

Yes. The payday loan industry is thriving in Australia, as noted earlier. It is a well-established market and is fully regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). So, taking a payday loan is safe, in that sense.

Regarding handling of your personal information and data, you should rest assured that your details are fully safe with Viva Payday Loans. We use state-of-the-art technologies to make sure that no unauthorized access to your information is granted. We will only share the information you provide us with suitable payday lenders – as you agree with, while submitting an application with us.

Payday loans for pensioners and retirees

Pensioners can get payday loans as long as the lenders are convinced about their regular income – pension, in this case.

If you are a pensioner and you can produce a record of receiving regular pension for the past six months, most payday lenders will accept your payday loan application.

Payday loans for single parents

Single parents can get payday loans if they have a regular source of income. Depending upon the need for payday loans (medical, educational etc.), single parents can also be eligible for a rebate up to 20%. This is strictly left to the discretion of the lenders.

Payday loans for students

All Australian students (18 years of age or older) are eligible to get payday loans. They, however, need to be affiliated with a recognized Australian university/institution to make their case as a valid student. Students aren’t generally required to have a regular source of income. However, having a job (part/full time) or a student loan will boost the chances of getting the payday loan application accepted.

What about Centrelink beneficiaries?

Policies regarding the approval of payday loans for Centrelink beneficiaries vary from one lender to another. Some lenders do approve payday loans to applicants who have listed Centrelink benefits as their only source of income. It’s always better to have another source of income to complement the benefits, in order to get your application accepted.

Can I get multiple payday loans simultaneously?

No. You can have only one ongoing payday loan and it cannot be renewed. If you already have taken a payday loan from one lender and you submit an application with another lender for a new payday loan, it will, in all certainty, be rejected.

This is strictly in keeping with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission policies and norms.

Things to keep in mind before submitting a payday loan application

Last, but certainly not the least!

Before applying for a payday loan, you should understand that borrowing small loans for short terms is expensive. If you think you need to know more about other available options, you can approach a qualified financial adviser. Financial Counselling Australia offers many free services in this regard. You can simply call their hotline at 1800 007 007 to know more.