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Instant Pay Advance Australia & Pay on Demand

Have you ever considered a salary advance Australia? When it seems like just yesterday that your last payday came around, yet you’re strapped for cash and hesitant to ask family and friends for a little financial help, what can you do? Getting a pay advance Australia is undoubtedly the solution to your short-term cash problems. If you can meet a few basic eligibility criteria, you can have the cash in your bank account within a few short hours.

If you’re new to the concept of a salary advance Australia, fear not! This overview on how an instant pay advance Australia works will teach you everything you need to know. In this overview, we cover what a pay advance Australia is, how it works, the key features, pros and cons, eligibility criteria, and the steps to apply to get your pay in advance Australia.

What You Need To Know About A Pay Advance Australia

A pay advance Australia is a small cash loan that is provided to you with a short-term repayment period. Most people opt for a pay advance Australia when they need a bit of extra cash to get them through to their next payday. You can use an instant pay advance Australia to pay for emergencies, unexpected expenses, household repairs, vehicle maintenance, to pay for groceries, and so much more. The process to apply involves completing an online application form and waiting just 60 minutes (in some instances, as much as 24 hours) for the cash to be paid into your bank account. If you’re looking for an instant pay advance Australia that you can repay quickly, using the Viva Payday Loans platform is a great starting point.

How Does A Salary Advance Australia Work?

When applying for a pay advance Australia, there are varying amounts to choose from, typically ranging from $100 to $5,000, you can pay back over 3 to 12 months. While it is Australian law that interest cannot be charged on loans of up to $2,000, you can expect to pay interest on higher amounts. The fees charged are usually 4% monthly and 20% once-off establishment fees.

Applying for an instant pay advance Australia can be done online in just a few minutes. The service provided by Viva Payday Loans is absolutely free to you, and once you have a contract in place with a direct lender, you need to stick to the terms of your agreement. Your loan repayments will be set up via direct bank debit, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment.

What’s fantastic about getting your pay in advance Australia through the website is that there’s no credit check involved. You simply need to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned further in this overview.

The Benefits & Features Of A Pay Advance Australia

Many everyday Aussies opt for a salary advance Australia to get them from one payday to the next, but what are the real features of instant pay advance Australia and why is it a good option for you? Below are a few of the features that double up as great benefits of quick cash loans through Viva Payday Loans.

Same Day Payout

If you’ve ever dealt with traditional lenders before, you will know that it can take days to weeks to finalise a loan deal. At Viva Payday Loans, we understand that when you need cash, you need it now. For this reason, we put you in touch with lenders with a reputation for paying out approved loans quickly. A pay advance Australia should pay out the cash on the same day the loan is approved.

Loan Amounts To Suit Various Needs And Budgets

The lenders on the Viva Payday Loans panel in Australia offer varying amounts for you to choose from. Salary advance Australia options start from as little as just $100 and range up to $5,000, which means that you don’t have to apply for a high loan amount if you just need a few hundred dollars to get you through the month.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Some companies offering pay advance Australia provide just a few weeks for borrowers to repay their loan. That’s not the case with Viva Payday Loans, where you can work out a repayment schedule directly with the lender. The repayment periods on a pay advance Australia usually range from 30 days to 12 months, ensuring that monthly instalments are kept affordable.

Access To A Panel Of Reputable Lenders

When looking to get some of your pay in advance Australia, it’s important to only deal with licensed lenders with great reputations. When using the Viva Payday Loans service, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with reputable lenders. Because we have an entire panel of lenders at our disposal, you also have an increased chance of approval.

Simple, Quick Online Application

No one wants to deal with red-tape when applying for a payday advance Australia. When applying for a loan through the Viva Payday Loans portal, you have the convenience of handling the entire process online. You can complete the online application form in just a few minutes, receive feedback on the outcome within just 2 minutes, and expect to have the cash paid into your bank account within just 60 minutes.

Costs Involved

When applying for a salary advance Australia, you can rest assured that the costs are kept to a minimum. There is 0% interest on loans of up to $2,000. There is a 4% monthly charge and a once-off 20% establishment fee. Of course, on loans of $2,000 or more, interest of up to 48% can be charged.

Advance Pay Australia – The Pros & Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of getting your pay in advance Australia can help you to determine if a pay advance Australia is the right choice for you.  Below is a list of both the pros and cons to expect.

Pros Of Instant Pay Advance Australia

Bad Credit Borrowers Welcome

You don’t have to have a good credit score to get a pay advance Australia. Lenders on the Viva Payday Loans panel provide pay in advance Australia to those who can prove the loan’s affordability. This is done by assessing your income vs. your expenses in a month.

Quick Disbursement Of Funds

There’s no need to pace, bite nails, or stress about the outcome of your loan application. Once your loan is approved, you can expect the cash to be paid into your bank account within 60 minutes. This can take longer but not usually more than 24 hours in some instances.

Min Weekly Earnings Of $350

You don’t need to be overly rich to afford a pay advance Australia through the Viva Payday Loans portal. In fact, you only need to make $350 per week.

You Don’t Need A Traditional Job

You won’t be punished for not having a traditional job when applying for advance pay Australia. Of course, you need to earn at least $350 per week, but that can be through alternative streams such as a sideline business, freelancing, dividends, rental income, an allowance, or similar. You can provide proof of income through bank statements, income statements, tax returns, or similar supporting documentation.

Cons Of A Salary Advance Australia

Can Create A Cycle Of Debt

Some borrowers start to rely heavily on getting an instant pay advance Australia and find themselves in a cycle of ongoing debt. To avoid this, only apply for a loan if you need it and never borrow more than you need.

Criteria To Apply For Advance Pay Australia

In order to apply for a salary advance Australia, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be of legal age (18 years at least)
  • Have an Australian address
  • Have an Australian bank account
  • Earn at least $350 per week
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Provide positive ID (Medicare card or driver’s license)

How To Apply For An Instant Pay Advance Australia

To apply for a pay advance Australia, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Complete The Online Application

Click on “Apply Now” and input all of your personal information. You will need to provide your full name and surname, address, earnings, the amount you wish to borrow, and a list of your monthly expenses. Lenders will use this information to decide if you’re a viable candidate for a salary advance Australia. It’s best to have your supporting documents on hand when making applying – this includes your proof of address, bank statements, payslips, and ID. 

Step 2: Submit The Application & Wait 2 Minutes For Feedback

Once all your details are added to the application form, simply submit the form and wait for feedback. As the system is automated, you only need to submit one application to have it presented to several lenders most likely to approve your instant pay advance Australia. An outcome will be delivered to you within just 2 minutes.

Step 3: Read The Contract Terms & Sign The Agreement

At this stage, you will be put in direct contact with a lender that can assist you with your request for pay in advance Australia. A loan contract will be extended to you. It is important to read through all of the terms and conditions of the loan and ensure that both parties agree to the repayment details documented. Then, you can digitally sign the contract and send it back to the lender.

Step 4: Get The Cash You Need Within 60 Minutes Of Approval

If the lender is happy with your application and supporting documents, they will aim to pay the cash into your bank account as soon as possible. Most lenders payout loans within 60 minutes of approval, but they are typically paid out no later than 24 hours after approval if there is a delay.

Advance Pay vs. Personal Loans: Which Is Best?

Many borrowers wonder whether pay advance Australia or personal loans are better for them when they need cash in a hurry. When making use of advance pay apps that are out there, you may find that you get yourself into a tricky financial situation because most of these apps simply provide you with an advance on your upcoming pay (a portion of your wages). When payday arrives, you need to repay the full amount, which means you could find yourself short of cash again immediately. This is why pay advance Australia personal loans are the best possible answer, and you can find these readily available at Viva Payday Loans.

In addition, advance pay apps don’t give you much time to repay the loan, but if you take out a small instant personal loan via the Viva Payday Loans website, you can loan a little more and have an extended period to pay it back over. Instead of just a few weeks, you can repay a loan over anything up to a 12-month period. 

Best Alternatives To Instant Pay Advance Australia 

If you want to get some of your pay in advance Australia, you aren’t limited to only using instant pay advance Australia services and apps. Below are some great alternatives that you can get via the website.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are short-term loans of between $100 and $5,000. These loans are typically paid off over 3 to 12 months. Interest only applies to loans of $2,000 or more, and you can expect to pay just a 4% monthly service charge and 20% once-off establishment fee. Many borrowers prefer personal loans to get their pay in advance Australia as they offer lower fees and provide a longer-term to repay the loan.

Same Day Loans

When you need cash in a hurry, there’s no time to wait around for lenders to payout. Once your loan is approved, you want the cash immediately, and that’s something that most Aussie lenders on our panel understand. Same-day loans are designed to pay out pay advance Australia within 60 minutes of loan approval. This means there’s no waiting around for the cash you need, which is especially convenient if you have a financial emergency on your hands. These loans range from $100 to $5,000 and come with repayment terms of 3 to 12 months.

No Credit Check Loans

When your credit score isn’t as good as you wish it would be or as good as the local bank wants it to be, you may feel like you’ve run out of options for a salary advance Australia. The truth is that your credit score is not the most important deciding factor when applying for no credit check loans. Lenders that provide no credit check loans welcome bad credit borrowers to apply for a pay advance Australia and focus on the loan’s affordability instead of the credit score.

You will need to earn at least $350 per week and provide a list of your monthly expenses for assessment. If you are considered a viable candidate for a no credit check payday loan, you can apply for loans between $100 and $5,000 and get 3 to 12 months to pay. As an added benefit, managing the loan repayments meticulously can improve your credit score.

Loans For Centrelink Recipients

As a Centrelink benefits recipient, you may incorrectly assume that it’s impossible to get an instant pay advance Australia. At Viva Payday Loans, we can put you in touch with lenders most likely to assist Centrelink recipients. Of course, you will need to earn at least $350 per week and must prove that your Centrelink benefits come to no more than 50% of your income. Loans for Centrelink recipients range from $100 to $5,000 and can be repaid over 3 to 12 months. There is 0% interest on loans of up to $2,000.

Who Can Help Me With Pay Advance Australia And Salary Advance Australia?

While there are plenty of apps offering quick cash advances on your pay in Australia, none can quite compare with the convenience and affordability of same-day personal loans via Apply for a quick cash loan via our portal today for the best pay advance Australia or salary advance Australia.


What App Gives You Money Before Payday In Australia?

For the best payday cash advance in Australia, Viva Payday Loans offers fantastic loans ranging from $100 to $5,000 with 3 to 12 months to pay. The great part of a payday advance through Viva Payday Loans is that advances of up to $2,000 come with 0% interest.

How Can I Get My Pay Early Australia?

Aussies typically request a pay advance Australia from their employer or approach a company that offers cash advances to get a portion of their salary early. The amount is then deducted from their paycheck on payday.

What Do I Need To Get Advance Pay Australia?

To get a pay advance Australia you must be 18 years of age, earn at least $350 per week, live permanently in Australia, have a positive ID, and have an Australian bank account.

What Is The Interest On A Salary Advance Australia?

If you take out a loan of less than $2,000, you will not be charged any interest whatsoever. You will only pay a 4% monthly service charge and a 20% once-off establishment fee. If you loan $2,000 or more, you can expect to pay interest of up to 48%.

Is It Legal To Get Advance Pay Australia Loans?

Australia’s lenders are banned from providing $2,000 (or less) loans that will need to be repaid within 15 days (or even less). You can take out a payday loan as long as the repayment period requested is longer than 15 days. At Viva Payday Loans, we only connect borrowers with licensed and reputable lenders that abide by the laws of Australia.