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Can tourists in Australia get a Payday Loan?

Yes, tourists in Australia can get a payday loan in a variety of circumstances. It should be understood that even though the procedure for tourists to apply for a payday loan is just the same, the acceptance rate of applications from tourists by payday lenders in Australia is much lower.

What makes a tourist in Australia eligible for a payday loan?

To be eligible to receive a payday loan in Australia as a tourist, you need to be able to meet the following criteria:

Will my visa details be checked by payday lenders?

Yes. Payday lenders cannot grant payday loans to foreign nationals for a period that exceeds their visa. For example, if your visa is about to expire in 14 days, you cannot get a payday loan for 30 days.

How will payday loans taken as a tourist be recorded?

Payday loans taken as a tourist in Australia are generally not recorded in any credit history, as long as the applicant is not associated with any Australian financial institution (banks, credit unions or credit card companies) as a customer.

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