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Are Payday Loans Safe?

Is it safe to apply and borrow money from payday lenders?

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Yes, payday loans offered by duly registered lenders are completely safe.

Regarding your personal and banking information, you need to remember that all the information you submit through Viva Payday Loans is safe and secure. Whenever you are directed to another website from Viva Payday Loans, you need to make sure that such third party websites are safe to operate with, they use a secure service protocol (https instead of http) and belong to duly registered payday lenders. You may also want to read the terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies to learn more about how your information will be handled.

I came across an online payday lender who claims to provide payday loans without any verification. Is it for real?

It’s probably not.

You must always keep in mind that even though payday loans are supposed to be quick and easy, there is a certain application procedure that needs to be followed.

No payday lender is allowed by concerned laws to offer any sort of loans without due verification of the applicant. This usually includes identity and address verification.

The online application form asks for very intimate personal information including my physical address, bank account number and passport number. Is it really safe to provide all this information?

Yes, it is safe to provide necessary identification and banking information to apply for a payday loan with Viva Payday Loans.

This information is sought in strict compliance with the norms and laws set up by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

You can rest assured that this information is stored digitally using the safest and most secure technologies. It is only shared with suitable payday lenders with your permission.

Will payday lenders have access to my credit report?

Yes. By signing up for a payday loan, you authorize the concerned payday lender(s) to access your credit score.

However, it should be noted that no party, except yourself, will have access to sensitive information on your credit report, including spending patterns or history.

I submitted a payday loan application with Viva Payday Loans. Whathappens to it next?

Once you have successfully submitted a payday loan application with us, we briefly assess it and then forward it to suitable payday lenders.

Once the lenders show interest in your application, you will be notified of the same.

How many payday lenders will be able to review my application?

Depending upon your application (loan amount requested, credit score etc.), we will try to find suitable lenders for you. Each application is sent to just one payday lender, however if they fail to provide the loan you need, your details will be passed to the next best match.

I have applied for a payday loan. How will my bank account be affected?

Merely applying for a payday loan won’t affect your bank account at all. To know more about how a payday loan can affect your credit score, please here.

Will payday lenders call my office?

With your permission, some lenders may call your employer/office to verify the information you have provided.